Be Valentine

The importance of flowers for your valentine

Flowers are one of the best ways of conveying love. Valentine’s Day is a special occasion which is dedicated to this emotion. Flowers are the best representations of adoration. So this 14th February, you can make your valentine feel more special by gifting them with this symbol of true love.

Sending roses on Valentine’s Day has become a ritual. You will want to send them to the most important people, whether your lover, mother, or sister. You can buy flowers for Valentine Day in Manhattan from Marcela flowers. We sell fresh flowers that look great and smell better. You can get our specially curated beautiful bouquet and make the day with your loved ones more special.

What do different flowers mean?

Valentine’s Day generally means red roses, but people can also send other flowers. Here are some top picks of flowers other than red roses and what they mean when you send them on the day:

Red roses indicate love and romance. For ages, these flowers have been associated with beauty and perfection. They are a timeless way to convey your love for the person. So if you receive a rose this Valentine’s Day, you will know that you are truly being loved. Get red rose delivery in Manhattan from Marcela flowers.

Pink roses are an indication of love, gratitude, and appreciation. They not only look stunning but also bear a deep message when you give them to someone. They are an elegant choice for someone whom you want to appreciate on that special day.

White roses show spirituality, marriage, and new beginnings. If you want to do that special proposal then give them a beautiful bouquet of white roses from Marcela flowers and you need not say anything.

Lilies are for a promise, love, passion, and fidelity. You can buy flower for Valentine day in Brooklyn which has special curation of lilies to put a smile on your loved one’s face.

Carnations will convey underlying love and fascination. If you like someone, give them beautiful flowers this Valentine’s Day to let them know your care. This will let them know that good things are yet to come.

Chrysanthemums are the symbol of joy and optimism. If you want to get Valentine day flower delivery near Manhattan of this beautiful creation then contact Marcela flowers. Sending this will bring positivity to your relationship and it will indicate a future of happy union.

Gifting flowers on Valentine’s Day

Flowers are the best way to express your love. This is one of the most romantic surprises that you can gift your lover and let them know how you feel. Valentine’s Day flowers are more meaningful than any material You can visit us at Marcela Flowers and explore our range of bouquets.

Gifting roses will make your loved ones feel special. It will indicate that you appreciate their efforts and presence in your life. You can also give other flowers of their choice like lilies, orchids, sunflowers, or a specially curated bouquet with a range of their favorite flora.

If you are unable to express how you feel about a person, you can do that easily by gifting them flowers. You can see what every flower means and give it accordingly. It is one of the most meaningful ways of expressing your emotions and your partner will also love this gesture. By giving them fresh and high-quality flowers from Marcela flowers, you will make the day more memorable for them.

Why should you order Valentine’s Day flowers early?

It is a good idea to buy flowers for Valentine Day in Manhattan early or else you may face issues while doing so the D-day.

Valentine’s Day is specially dedicated to flowers and everyone will be ordering it. According to a recent study, it was seen that more than 250 million roses were bought on this love holiday. This means the florists would be busy and you might not get the flora of your choice if you order late. Imagine sending your loved one the leftover flowers because everything you wanted was out of stock. If you truly care about what your special one will like and adore, then visit us at Marcela flowers to get the best bouquet.

14th February is indeed one of the busiest days for florists and you might see most of them not accepting last-minute orders. As flowers are perishable items, they must be delivered with care or they will get damaged in transit. When you place your order early at Marcela flowers, then it gets easier for us to plan a seamless delivery schedule. You will surely receive a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers on pre-orders. Even though you can opt for same-day deliveries you know the condition of traffic on special days. When you order early, there will be no delays in red rose delivery in Manhattan.

Like any other business, the price of flowers also increases during this peak season. This happens because of the market dynamics where the demand exceeds supply. If you pre-order your flowers some days earlier, you may get the same beautiful bouquet at a much lower price. You will also not have to bear the higher delivery costs associated with Valentine Day flower delivery near Manhattan. You can save the money and purchase other gifts to plan a romantic date for your partner.

When you have the Valentine’s Day flower order in place, then you can plan other activities with peace. There are so many fun activities that you can plan in the day to make it more special. You can plan an exciting day at the adventure park or relax in a spa.

When you buy flower for Valentine day in Manhattan early from Marcela flowers, you will have enough time to plan out other activities. It will not only take away the pressure of not getting flowers on that special day but also show that you care for your partner. You choose from among the wide range of bouquet selections we offer or customize it as per your requirements.